• Home, Travel, or Boarding During the Howl-a-Days
    Thanksgiving, Christmas, Diwali, Kwanzaa, Hannukah… there are lots of holidays around this time of year.  It’s a great time to be with family and friends, and of course our pets Read more
  • Common Pet Care Misconceptions
    Busting Common Pet Care Myths and Misconceptions If you aren’t regularly in touch with a veterinarian, it’s easy to fall for pet care myths and misconceptions. At Amigo Animal Hospital, we Read more
  • Pet Food Tips
    Pet Food Tips and Pet Care Advice At Amigo Animal Hospital, our Westminster, CA team is focused on your pet's healthcare, which includes proper nutrition. From puppies and kittens to adults Read more
  • Pet First Aid
    Having a pet can mean that you may have an emergency from time to time. Emergencies happen to many pets, even if they are kept indoors. It's a good idea Read more
  • How to Know if Your Pet Is Sick
    When our pets get sick, it can be challenging to determine what is wrong, and sometimes we write off their acting differently as the pet having an off day. However, Read more
  • Emergency Pet Care FAQs
    If your pet is experiencing an emergency, it's important to know where to take him for care. Amigo Animal Hospital is a trusted provider of emergency pet care services in Read more
  • Pet Emergency After a Fight
    If your pet has been in a fight, this is a common problem many pet owners face. Pets can get badly injured in fights and may need care from a Read more
  • Pet Boarding FAQ
    Here at Amigo Animal Hospital, we aim to be the facility where you feel comfortable leaving your pet every time you need us. Just think of us as one part Read more
  • Benefits to Pet Boarding
    Going away? Need a break? Check out our boarding services for your pet. Besides, pet boarding provides perks for your pets, too. Talk to our veterinarian at Amigo Animal Hospital Read more
  • Signs Your Pet May Have an Eye Infection
    Eye infections in your pet can occur when you least expect them. When you spot discharge and redness in your pet's eye, it may be an indication that it's suffering Read more
  • Common Pet Dental Problems for Dogs
    Like humans, dogs can experience dental problems. Regular pet dental care is an important part of your pet’s overall wellness. It is common for dogs who are two-to-three years old Read more
  • Pet Nutrition to Improve Pet Dental Health
    Want to see the oral health of your pet flourish? Brushing their teeth every day and seeing a vet every year for professional cleaning are essential techniques for optimal pet Read more
  • Ways to Assist Your Pet with Allergies
    Pets, just like humans, can suffer from allergies. Allergies are a tricky condition to endure, whether it’s itchy eyes, a runny nose, or constant sneezing. Substances like household chemicals, pollen, Read more
  • The Importance of Vaccinations Year Round
    Most pet owners will do anything they can to keep their pets as healthy as possible. One of the aspects of preventative care that Amigo Animal Hospital provides is vaccinations Read more
  • What to Expect After Orthopedic Surgery for Your Pet
    At Amigo Animal Hospital, we sometimes recommend orthopedic surgery for pets to improve their quality of life. Still, we understand how nerve-racking it can be if you have never dealt Read more
  • How Safe is Pet Anesthesia
    How Safe is Pet Anesthesia? Are you wondering if pet anesthesia is safe? When left to a highly-trained and competent veterinarian, pet anesthesia is quite safe and complications are few and Read more

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