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As pet owners, our animal companions hold a special place in our hearts, providing us with endless amounts of love, laughter, and companionship. However, some pet owners experience the realization that their pets suffer from allergies. While we may think of allergies as a problem for humans, our pets are also susceptible to environmental triggers. 

At Amigo Animal Hospital in Westminster, CA, we understand the challenges pet allergies bring to our patients and their human owners. 

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What Are Pet Allergies?

Pet allergies are the body's immune system response to allergens, which are typically harmless substances found in the environment. Allergens that pets react to can include pollen, dust, and mold. They can also be allergic to certain types of food. Signs of allergies in pets can present in several ways, including skin irritation, excessive itching, and gastrointestinal issues.

Symptoms of Pet Allergies

Pet allergies can display a range of symptoms, making it difficult for pet owners to identify and treat the issue. Symptoms of pet allergies in dogs and cats include runny eyes, sneezing, swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, and ear infections. In some cases, pets may develop rashes, hot spots, and other skin irritations. If you notice any of these symptoms in your furry friend, it can be useful to schedule a visit with our veterinarian in Westminster, CA, to receive a proper diagnosis.

Treatment for Pet Allergies

There are several treatment options available to alleviate symptoms and help improve your pet's quality of life. Our veterinarian might recommend antihistamines to help manage allergy symptoms. Consult your veterinarian to get recommendations for over-the-counter allergy medications or shampoo.

Prevention of Pet Allergy Symptoms

If your pet is sensitive to pollen or other environmental allergens, consider avoiding outdoor activities during peak allergy periods. Also, it might help to vacuum and dust regularly and wash your pet's bedding often. Keeping your pet clean and well-groomed might also help to reduce allergy symptoms. Work with our veterinarian to develop a personalized allergy management plan that is tailored to your pet's specific needs.

Bring Your Pet to Our Clinic for Comprehensive Pet Allergy Care

At Amigo Animal Hospital in Westminster, CA, we can provide care to our pet patients. If you suspect your pet may be suffering from allergies, don't hesitate to schedule a visit with our veterinarian. With proper diagnosis and treatment, your pet may be able to live a comfortable life free from allergy symptoms. With the right care and management, they can live a happy, healthy life. Call us at (714) 894-5558 for vet care from our animal hospital.

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