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Finding the right boarding facility for your pets when you go on vacation or travel for work can be difficult. If you do not want to rely on a dog sitter, you can turn to our trusted veterinarian in Westminster to care for your pet. Our team at Amigo Animal Hospital provides pet boarding and other veterinary services. If you live in or around Westminster, Seal Beach, or Huntington Beach, contact our team today to schedule your pet’s stay.

Safe and Experienced Pet Boarding

When you choose a veterinarian to provide your pet’s boarding service, you are choosing a facility that is insured, bonded, and certified to care for your pet. If your pet gets injured or ill while boarding, our veterinarian is on hand to provide the appropriate care.

Furthermore, you can count on our veterinarian’s office to have rules about vaccinations in place to ensure your pet is surrounded by animals that are safe to be around. Our facility requires a current physical exam as well as current vaccines for both dogs and cats. We also require flea control.

Boarding Catered to Your Pet's Needs

Our veterinarian can also make sure your pet receives any necessary medications. You can even bring your own food if your pet has a special diet. Your pet receives excellent care and you can trust that your pet is in great hands. If you have questions about boarding your cat or dog, contact our office to learn more.

Clean and Organized

Our facility is clean and organized, providing a great place for your pet to stay for a few days. We provide safe kennels that are secure and free of dangerous items. Your pet will also have access to water and food as needed.

Appropriate Play Space

Dogs that are boarded need space to play and get some exercise, even when they are not able to be with their owners. Having an appropriate space to move around is important, which is why many people want to check out the boarding facility before they decide where to leave their pets.

Contact Amigo Animal Hospital for Pet Boarding in Westminster, CA

For your next trip out of town, our team at Amigo Animal Hospital is here to help. We provide quality veterinary care and pet boarding for pets in Westminster, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, and the surrounding communities. Call our team today at (714) 894-5558 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

What Should I Look for in a Pet Boarding Facility?

Unfortunately, not all pet boarding facilities have everything necessary to be a quality place for your pet. There are some tried and true requirements you will want to have:

  • Insurance, bonding, and certifications are an important aspect of any pet boarder. You want to make sure your pet is covered if he is hurt, if he hurts someone else or another animal, or does damage while at the boarder.
  • Rules about vaccinations should be in place. As your pet will be staying with other pets for several days, you will want to make sure everyone is up to date on vaccinations. 
  • A clean, well-organized pet boarding center is a good indicator of the way in which they will care for your pet. 
  • Kennels and all areas should be free of items that may be of potential harm to your pet. Broken kennels can result in your little escape artist getting away. Checking for secure fencing outside the facility is important as well.
  • Unless you have been advised to not give your pet too much water due to bloating, there should be continuous clean water available. If your pet has any special instructions for food and water, make sure you inform the boarder.
  • Dogs, in particular, should be allowed to go outside and run around. If there isn't a space to do that, perhaps you should look elsewhere.
  • What are the safety measures as far as other dogs and cats interacting? Pens shouldn't have any spaces where another animal could bite or scratch your pet. Inquire about playtime. Are animals allowed to be together? If so, how does the boarder make certain there won't be negative interactions?
  • Find out how the boarder handles bad behavior. Pet boarders should always treat each animal with patience and kindness. However, they also need to have plans in place to deal with aggressive behavior.

Amigo Animal Hospital wants to be your choice for pet boarding in Westminster. Our veterinarian and staff are well-trained, loving, and compassionate towards all animals. Let us help you with your pet boarding: (714) 984-5558. 

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