Signs of Arthritis in Pets

Signs of Arthritis in Pets

Arthritis in pets can significantly impact their quality of life and make it more challenging to move like they used to. If you are in the Westminster, CA, area and are concerned about your pet's arthritis symptoms, contacting us at Amigo Animal Hospital is the right choice. We can help determine if your pet suffers from arthritis and find the best treatment possible. Here are some signs your pet may have arthritis.

Weight Gain

You might not think of weight gain as an arthritis symptom, but weight gain can indicate that your pet is not as active as it once was. Your pet might be getting the same amount of food as it typically does, but your pet’s lack of movement means it cannot burn off calories as efficiently. Arthritis may be why your pet is less interested in playing or going for walks. Your pet may also favor lying down and resting rather than moving around.

Lameness or Limping

Lameness and limping are significant indications that something is wrong with your pet. People typically associate lameness and limping with an injury, but these can also be a sign of arthritis. Your pet will often limp or favor a leg when it has pain. Arthritis may be the cause of your pet’s lameness and limping if there is no discernable injury or other health condition. Your veterinarian can determine if your pet’s lameness or limping is due to arthritis or other health conditions.


Aggression can be a clue that your pet is suffering from arthritis, especially when your pet is also less active. Your pet might yelp, snap, or even bite when you physically hug or touch it due to pain from arthritis. These reactions are common when a pet feels discomfort and pain. You should contact your veterinarian if your pet suddenly becomes more aggressive without any discernable causes.

Work With a Veterinarian Near You in Westminster, CA, Today

Arthritis can significantly impact your pet’s quality of life and lead to other health issues if left untreated, so contact Amigo Animal Hospital in Westminster, CA, to get your pet the arthritis treatment it needs to remain happy and healthy. We understand how important your pet’s health is to you, and we can diagnose and treat your pet right away to help it feel better. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (714) 503-0230.

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