Pet Food Tips

Pet Food Tips and Pet Care Advice

At Amigo Animal Hospital, our Westminster, CA team is focused on your pet's healthcare, which includes proper nutrition. From puppies and kittens to adults and older pets, it is important to ensure they receive and enjoy food that supports good health.

Basic Tips

Scheduling an appointment with our veterinarian for a check-up will determine your pet's overall health. This is especially important for pets that are underweight, overweight, or have a medical condition requiring prescription food.

Balanced Diet

Dogs and cats should get a complete and balanced diet to maintain proper weight and overall good health. Choose quality pet food, both dry and canned, that contains the nutrients specifically formulated for the pet's breed, age, size, and lifestyle.

Ask our veterinarian about the amount of food your pet should consume and verify if the brand of food you've selected is sufficient to provide for his dietary needs.

Treats and Table Food

Pets enjoy a tasty treat, but they should not be used as a substitute for a regular meal. Treats should also be kept to a minimum.

Table food is like a treat. The problem is much of the food humans consume is unhealthy, at least for pets. Too many table scraps can easily result in your pet becoming obese, which can lead to health issues.

Another problem with table food is some items can upset your pet's digestive system. When the pet's system is exposed to something that is not part of its normal balanced daily diet, the result might be an upset stomach, which might lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

There are many table food items that are dangerous to dogs and cats. A few examples include chocolate, grapes, raisins, alcohol, avocado, corn on the cob, artificial sweetener (Xylitol), macadamia nuts, onions, garlic, raw eggs, and raw meat. Avoid feeding your pet these items.

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