Pet Emergency After a Fight

Dog Fight

If your pet has been in a fight, this is a common problem many pet owners face. Pets can get badly injured in fights and may need care from a veterinarian afterward. There are different injuries your pet could have, many of which can be severe. If you have a pet emergency after a fight, you can call our Westminster, CA, office to discuss your dog's medical needs.


If your pet is bleeding, you must find where the wound is. After you find the injury, place some pressure on it with a clean towel or gauze. Maintaining pressure to stop bleeding and prevent blood loss is essential. If there is a lot of bleeding and a large wound, your pet may need to get stitches from the veterinarian to close the wound. If you can see inside the wound and see bones or tendons, it's time to take your pet to the veterinarian.

Pain Signals

Pay attention to the way your pet acts after the fight. If you have a pet emergency after a fight, your pet may show you they're in pain. For example, if your pet is restless, anxious, breathing too hard, have a rapid heartbeat, or won't eat, they may be in pain and require pain medication and an exam. In addition, they may have internal injuries that need to be treated by the vet.

Emergency Signs

If your pet is struggling to breathe, has trouble walking, or has gums turning blue or pale, your pet is in an emergency. It needs to see the veterinarian immediately for assessment and treatment. You may need to see the vet after hours to get the problem taken care of directly.

Other Signs

Your pet may exhibit other signs they are in distress, including snapping at you. This behavior is their response to pain, leaving your pet angry and afraid. Your pet will need help to start feeling better. It's also a good idea to ensure that the other animal your pet fought with has been vaccinated for rabies. If not, your pet may need rabies treatments.

See Our Veterinarian

After a fight, it's important to get veterinary care when it is needed. If you have a pet emergency after a fight, you can call our Westminster, CA, office to bring your pet in for an exam. Contact us today if your pet is exhibiting these behaviors at (714) 894-5558.

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