Pet Dehydration and Heat stroke

Pet Dehydration: Warnings Signs & Response

With the hot summer season in full swing, it’s very easy to forget that many pets don’t do well in extreme heat. Cats and dogs, for example, don’t have the ability to sweat and cool themselves off the way humans do. Instead, they stay out of the heat when possible, they belly hug cool floors, or they pant to expel their internal heat as much as possible. If you need help with keeping your pet safe during summer, call us at Amigo Animal Hospital in Westminster, CA. 

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Dehydration Risks

With pets that have to stay outside for extended periods in the heat, dehydration is a real problem without a ready source of cold water. Ideally, pets are kept inside when the heat gets close to three digits, but if they do have to be outdoors, water sources are essential.

If an animal with fur cannot get access to ready hydration, they can suffer health issues in a few hours, oftentimes faster than humans. The first issues might start with lethargy and irritability at doing anything energetic in the heat. More problems can arise the longer the pet stays our in the heat.

Problems and Symptoms

A serious problem that will happen is kidney failure and organ shut down. This risk can happen very fast without hydration on a hot day. It’s important to monitor pets during the day if they have to be in the heat and obvious issues include vomiting, not wanting to eat, excessive panting and breathing, dry nose and mouth, and tightening skin.

When to Get Help from a Veterinarian

Like humans, recovery from overheating in a dog or cat involves cooling down as much as possible. Bringing the dog inside to air conditioning and trying to get him to drink with water availability is critical. In the meantime, the animal should be brought to a veterinarian for an examination and, if necessary, hydration treatment. Vomiting is a clear sign of needing help immediately, especially given that it causes the animal to lose even more water.

Get Veterinary Advice from Our Veterinarian about Pet Water Availability, Pet Hydration, and Summer Safety

We take pet hydration seriously at Amigo Animal Hospital. Don't let summer make your pet a victim. Things can get hot in Westminster, CA, in deep July and August, so take care of your pets and call us if you need help. Call us at (714) 894-5558 for more information.

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