Common Pet Dental Problems for Dogs

Like humans, dogs can experience dental problems. Regular pet dental care is an important part of your pet’s overall wellness. It is common for dogs who are two-to-three years old to experience dental disease. Luckily, there are different pet services that help prevent dental disease in dogs. At Amigo Animal Hospital, we have provided residents of Westminster with reliable pet dental care for many years. Read on to learn more about common canine dental problems and how we treat them.

Periodontal Disease

The longer pet dental issues are left untreated, the worse your dog will feel. If left untreated, your dog’s health will decline. Periodontal disease might be the culprit. This disease is caused by bacteria in a dog's mouth, and it damages its bones, teeth, and other supporting structures of the teeth. According to PetMD, over 85% of dogs will experience periodontal disease by the age of two. This serious disease can also cause other issues, such as kidney and heart disease. Your dog might also experience pain, bad breath, issues with its stomach, and tooth loss.


Although stomatitis is more prevalent in cats, this disease can also affect dogs. Stomatitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth. This painful disease affects multiple parts of the mouth.

Tartar and Plaque

Tartar and plaque are the most common dental issues dogs experience. Plaque and tartar build up on a dog's teeth when they aren't thoroughly cleaned. When plaque and tartar accumulate, it appears as a brown or dark yellow film on your dog's teeth, and affects a dog's gums and teeth.

Mouth Tumors

Mouth tumors, also known as oral tumors, can appear as large or small lumps in your dog's mouth. These lumps are often found near the inner jawbone or near the dog's teeth. Some tumors are cancerous, while others are not. Cancerous tumors need to be detected and removed immediately.

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