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Just like people, animals can come down with a variety of injuries and illnesses. When this happens, it is important for pet owners to have a reliable place to go for medical care. For those who live in the Westminster area, the Amigo Animal Hospital is here to provide those exact services. With the help of an experienced veterinarian, pet owners in the local area will have a place to go for reliable and experienced veterinary care. There are a number of common conditions that we see at the Amigo Animal Hospital.

An Overview of the Conditions Treated at the Amigo Animal Hospital

There are a number of common conditions that see at the Amigo Animal Hospital. Some of the conditions we can treat include:

  • Vomiting and DiarrheaGI symptoms are among the most common reasons why someone brings their pet to see us. If a pet is experiencing these symptoms, there are a number of possible reasons why. Sometimes, pets have developed a stomach bug and are experiencing a short GI illness. In other cases, pets might have gotten into something they shouldn't have and are experiencing poisoning. Sometimes, the cause may just be stress related.
  • SeizuresIt can be scary for a pet owner to watch their pet experience seizures. This might be due to an electrolyte imbalance, a tumor in the brain, or even cancer. Our team of veterinarians and assistants can treat and even, in some cases, stop seizures.
  • InjuriesWe know that pets can get hurt just like people. Some of the most common injuries we see include lacerations, broken bones, muscular injuries, and more. We have the ability to conduct a full evaluation and will provide appropriate medical care for every injured pet we see.
  • IncontinenceFinally, we know that pets can have accidents in the house. Whether it is an issue related to house training or a UTI, we will help pet owners get to the bottom of incontinence problems. Then, we can discuss a well-rounded treatment plan that can help with the urinary issue.

Our safe and powerful laser therapy machine can help your pet with a wide variety of different conditions. Such as, Arthritis, Acute and chronic pain, Back injuries, Sprains and strains, Inflammation and edema.

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These are only a few of the many conditions that our team can treat at the Amigo Animal Hospital in Westminster. We take a lot of pride in the care we provide to all of our patients. To learn more about how we can help you and your pet, call us today at (714) 894-5558.

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