Dog Vaccinations

Medical research scientists have worked hard to develop effective vaccinations for both people and animals. These shots are used to guard us against the dangers of certain bacteria and viruses. At Amigo Animal Hospital in Westminster, CA, we provide comprehensive medical services to the pets of our patient families, including vaccines. We understand that some pet owners would like to learn more about preventative care, including dog vaccinations. Take a look at our guide below. 

Dog Vaccinations

What Is the Purpose of Vaccines?

The overall purpose of vaccines from our veterinarian is to help your pet fight off certain illnesses. Vaccinations work by teaching your dog's immune system how to identify pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Medical researchers create vaccines using proteins of illnesses such as distemper, rabies, and influenza. Then, the vaccine will teach your dog's immune system to identify these bugs in the future. The immune system will produce antibodies that will target and kill these pathogens if they are spotted later on.

When Can You Give Pets Vaccines?

It is important for pet owners to listen to the guidance of their mobile vet when it comes to a vaccine schedule. As a benchmark, most puppies will start getting vaccines at about eight weeks of age. Then, pets will receive more vaccines on a monthly basis for a few visits. Then, there will be a break until around one year of life. Some pets are going to require additional shots called booster vaccines. These boosters are used to make sure that your pet retains his or her immunity to certain diseases, such as rabies.

Why Do Vaccines Matter at All Ages?

Vaccinations are a key part of your pet's health no matter how old they are. When your pet is born, his or her immune system is going to be vulnerable to certain viruses and bacteria. We can use vaccinations to address this vulnerability to certain diseases such as rabies, adenovirus, and hepatitis.

As your pet gets older, the effect of these shots may start to wear off. We want to prevent your pet from becoming vulnerable to these illnesses. That is why some boosters are recommended annually. You should follow the advice our veterinarian to make sure that your pet stays healthy.

Get Puppy Vaccines from Our Veterinarian for Distemper and Other Veterinary Diseases

If you are looking for a vet to help you with vaccines, call Amigo Animal Hospital in Westminster, CA, today. Our veterinarian is trained in vaccinations and can help your pet stay healthy at every stage of life. Our phone number is (714) 894-5558. Call us to get puppy vaccines from our veterinarian for distemper. We are ready provide your pet the preventative care he needs to stay protected.

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