Common Pet Care Misconceptions

Busting Common Pet Care Myths and Misconceptions

If you aren’t regularly in touch with a veterinarian, it’s easy to fall for pet care myths and misconceptions. At Amigo Animal Hospital, we want to educate all Westminster, CA, pet owners. Read up on the common pet care myths and misconceptions below to avoid making critical mistakes that could jeopardize your animal companion’s health.

Myth: You Should Wait for Your Pet To Have a Litter before Spaying or Neutering

In some circles, it’s a common belief that cats and dogs should have a litter first before they are spayed or neutered. There’s no reason why you need to wait that long.

If you don’t intend to have your pet breed, spaying or neutering them as early as possible would be ideal. That way, you can protect your pet from potentially deadly diseases and prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Myth: Spaying or Neutering Will Improve Your Pet’s Behavior

Speaking of spaying or neutering, some pet owners opt for those procedures to improve their cat or dog’s behavior. Well, spaying or neutering won’t provide a quick behavioral fix.

The only behavioral issues those procedures will resolve are the ones directly related to reproductive cycles. For example, pets who misbehave around strangers or have destructive tendencies won’t change after spaying or neutering.

Myth: A Warm Nose Indicates Illness in Pets

Does your pet’s nose feel warmer than normal? Some people will tell you to consult a veterinarian if it does.

However, a warm nose is not an accurate indicator of health in cats and dogs. That warm nose is just telling you that your home is pretty warm right now. Once the temperature cools down, your pet’s nose should return to normal.

Myth: Milk Is Good for Puppies and Kittens

Unless we’re talking about the milk produced by their mothers, your puppies or kittens shouldn’t have any milk. Store-bought milk can cause digestive issues in puppies and kittens, so you should avoid giving it to your young pets.

Talk to a veterinarian if you need appropriate food options for your young pets.

Handling All Your Pet Care Needs

We at Amigo Animal Hospital want to help pet owners by offering pet care guidance and comprehensive services. Check out our veterinary services by dropping by our Westminster, CA, location or call 714-894-5558.

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