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From the moment they are born, puppies and kittens are subjected to a new-world environment that contains an array of contaminants that can impact their health. Germs, bacteria, worms, and fleas are just a few of the things their tiny immune systems must deal with.

At Amigo Animal Hospital in Westminster and our offices in Seal Beach and Huntington Beach, our professional staff is equipped with the knowledge and experience to help promote proper puppy care and kitten care to get them started on the road to good health throughout their lifetime. 

Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppy and Kitten Care Services

Bringing your young ones to our hospital for a checkup is one of the first steps in establishing a routine for caring for kittens and puppies. Our veterinarians will do a comprehensive exam to determine your pet's health, provide important vaccinations to support their immune system, and prescribe any additional medications or treatments, if necessary. As the pet parent, you will be provided with a plan of action to keep your kittens and puppies on a regular vaccination schedule with a veterinarian. 

As a full-service veterinary hospital, we can follow your pet through its many life stages providing a well-care program to help your pet maintain a healthy lifestyle from newborns to seniors. We offer many services that address both basic kitten and puppy care as well as any specialized needs. At our hospitals, we are equipped to handle situations for kittens and puppies to include initial internal and external check-ups, oral check-ups, and vaccinations. If surgery is necessary, we are one of the few hospitals in the area that provide this service. We also offer laser therapy.

We will also provide dental care to promote a healthy mouth, and as the puppies and kittens get older, our veterinarians are available to provide spaying or neutering services. Additional services for puppy and kitten care include information and suggestions for best feeding practices, food choices, and flea and tick prevention, when appropriate for their age.

As your puppy or kitten grows, so, too, do the steps that are required for proper care. From newborns to adolescents and on into maturity, our dedicated staff will provide the information and assistance necessary to help your puppy or kitten grow into a healthy dog or cat.

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In business since 2007, Amigo Animal Hospital is a complete state-of-the-art facility offering services ranging from checkups and surgeries to laser therapy and pet boarding. Whether you are located in Westminster or the surrounding areas of Seal Beach or Huntington Beach, call us to schedule an appointment or to find out more about the services we provide to help keep your pet happy, healthy, and pain-free. 

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