Preventive Care

While it's possible to treat illnesses and health conditions in pets, preventative care is the best option for your pet. Vaccinations, wellness checkups, and other forms of preventative care are effective ways to monitor your pet's health and reduce the risk of serious health issues. At Amigo Animal Hospital in Westminster, CA, we'll make sure your pet receives the preventative care that it needs.


Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations protect your pet against serious and potentially life-threatening diseases. Core vaccinations are typically recommended for all pets, but other vaccines may be recommended based on your pet's needs and lifestyle. Common vaccines for dogs include distemper, parvovirus, rabies, and others, while common vaccines for cats include panleukopenia, calicivirus, and herpesvirus.

Pets usually receive doses of vaccines at a young age. As adults, they may need booster doses to maintain their protection. Your veterinarian can work with you to create an appropriate vaccine schedule for your pets.

Spaying and Neutering

Another essential form of preventative care are spay and neuter procedures. Spaying removes the ovaries and uterus from female pets, while neutering removes testicles from males. Not only do these procedures help to prevent overpopulation, but they're also beneficial to your pet's health.

Spaying female pets can reduce the risk of breast cancer and uterine infections while neutering male pets can reduce the risk of testicular cancer. These treatments are also a way to curb behavioral issues. Pets are typically less aggressive after being spayed and neutered, and they're less likely to engage in territorial behaviors. While these procedures are usually performed on puppies and kittens, they're recommended for adult pets as well.

Wellness Visits with a Veterinarian

Wellness checkups are an opportunity for your vet to assess your pet's overall health and address your concerns. These checkups typically include a physical examination and may also include diagnostic testing if your pet is at risk for certain health conditions. Your vet will assess your pet's weight, take its vitals, and see if there are any issues that could lead to health problems in the future.

During this visit, your vet may make recommendations that will help you better meet your pet's needs. For example, your vet may suggest that your pet gets more physical activity or recommend that you make changes to its diet. Regular wellness visits are one of the best ways to maintain good health in your pet.

Preventative Care for Pets in Westminster, CA

Visiting the vet isn't just something that you should do when your pet is sick. Preventative care can help your pet lead a long and happy life! If you need to schedule a wellness checkup or a vaccine booster or have questions about your pet's health, contact Amigo Animal Hospital. Call our team today at (714) 894-5558 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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