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You wouldn't think of not brushing your teeth at least once or twice a day or forgoing regular dental checkups. However, when was the last time you brushed your pet's teeth or inspected their gums? Both activities are important for maintaining good pet dental health and can potentially add years to your pet's life. 


Your cat and dog face most of the same dental issues as you do, including decay, chipped teeth and gum disease.  You may never have considered brushing your pet's teeth or inspecting their gums for signs of disease. At Amigo Animal Hospital, our veterinarian is committed to maintaining and improving your pet's good dental health for those in the Westminster, Seal Beach and Huntington Beach, California areas.  Our mission is to educate our human clients and their pets about the importance of good dental health for their pets. That's why we offer a full range of pet dental services.

Four reasons that good dental health is important for your pet

1. Good dental health helps your cat or dog keep all of his or her teeth. Decay and gum disease can cause your pet to lose teeth, making it difficult and/or painful for them to eat. 

2. Good dental health helps eliminate bad breath.  Many pet owners think that bad, "doggie" breath is just something that comes with owning a pet. The truth is that bad breath in your pet is usually a sign that somethings wrong in their mouth, either decay or gum disease.

3. Good dental health helps your pet avoid pain. Decaying teeth and infected gums area painful in pets, just as they are in humans. Our veterinarian wants to help your pet avoid this pain. 

4. Good dental health can help your pet live longer. Infection in your pet's mouth can gradually affect their entire system and can compromise their general health. In extreme cases, an infection that begins in the mouth can even be fatal.  

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The caring, experienced team at our animal hospital welcomes new patients in the Westminster, Seal Beach and Huntington Beach areas as well as the opportunity to help you with your pet's dental health. To learn more and/or to make an appointment, contact Amigo Animal Hospital at (insert contact info). We are passionate about helping pets in southern California have healthy teeth and gums. We've been helping cats and dogs like yours with their oral health for more than a decade. We are open six days a week, including evening and weekend hours.


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