Pet Myths and Tall Tales- Busted!

There is a lot of information out there about pet care, and with the rise of social media and the internet, there seems to be more than ever.  It’s a challenge to navigate, even for the most educated pet owner.  But never fear- we here at Amigo Animal Hospital are here to help!  Let’s look at some common pet care myths and tall “tails” out there and give you the real story.

Myth: Cats don’t need vaccines or regular checkups, especially if they are indoor only.

Myth Busted!  All cats, even those that are indoor, need annual checkups, vaccines, lab work, and flea control.  While keeping cats indoors is far better for their health than letting them outside, indoor cats can have health problems such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, dental disease, and arthritis.  They are also susceptible to airborne diseases and those that come in on human hands or clothing.  Here at Amigo Animal Hospital, we offer an adult cat health plan to help keep your furry, purry friend healthy and protected.  Ask us about it today!

Myth: It’s okay to leave a dog in a car, as long as the windows are down.

Myth Busted!  Cars can get very hot, even with the windows down, and pets can escape or be hurt if left alone in a car with the windows open.  Your pet travels best in a carrier in the back seat or with a secured leash, for their safety as well as yours.  If you have to run an errand at a place that is not accessible to pets, it’s best to leave them at home, where they’ll be just as happy to greet you when you return.

Myth: A healthy pet doesn’t need an annual exam.

Myth Busted!  A year can be a long time in a pet’s life- equal to about seven human years.  Big changes can happen in even a few months.  That is why it is important for pets, especially older ones, to have regular yearly exams, bloodwork, and fecal tests.  Has your pet had their annual exam this year?  If not, give us a call at (714) 894-5558 and we can schedule one for you.

Myth: Cats are aloof and not affectionate.

Myth Busted!  Many cats love to cuddle with their owners and show their love with happy purrs.  While not as overtly excited as a dog, a cat greeting its person with a raised tail and a rub against their leg speaks volumes.  Cats can recognize their name, and can even be trained to walk on a harness and follow simple commands.

Myth: You can keep your pet healthy by feeding them a homemade diet or table scraps.

Myth Busted!  Homemade diets often do not have enough or even all the nutrients that pets need.  It is hard to measure the precise amount and balance of every vitamin and mineral, and some may be missing altogether.  Commercially made foods use precise measurements and show the nutritional information on the label.  Grain-free dog foods are also a big no-go.  Studies have shown that diets containing grain improve heart health.  And please don’t give your pet a raw meat diet- they don’t contain the proper nutrients and can make you, your pet, and your family sick.

Myth: Flea control isn’t necessary in winter/ my pets don’t have fleas because I don’t see any.

Myth Busted!  One of the benefits of living here in California is that we have nice weather year-round.  That also, unfortunately, means that flea season is year-round also.  Flea baths and flea collars are generally ineffective because they target adult fleas, and not the eggs or juveniles.  Here at Amigo Animal Hospital, we recommend prescription flea medicines that stop fleas at every part of their life cycle, and we strongly recommend heartworm preventatives as well.  Fleas are very tiny and hide well, which means you won’t see any until the infestation is severe. 

 Thank you for joining us this month!  If you have any other questions about pet care, give us a call at (714) 894-5558 or email us at [email protected] .  We look forward to hearing from you, and, as always, wet noses and happy tails until next time!

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