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Dear Valued Pet Parents, 

 Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, we are introducing a few temporary changes. Starting on April 2, we will be closed on Thursdays. Despite the shortening of business hours, we will gladly see you and your pets when you need us. Same day appointments will still be available!!! We will accommodate you any way possible by opening up midday appointment slots for you. This is just an effort to keep the entire Amigo Team healthy by minimizing exposure. We want to be here for you and your pet! In addition, we are implementing a few in new policies for exams and medication pick-ups:

 1.       Only 2 people can be in the lobby at one time. 

 2.       Please follow the guidelines and stay behind the red line to follow social distancing recommendations. 

 3.       Clients cannot be with their pets in the exam room due to the small size of the rooms. 

 4.       The technician will take your presenting complaint and history and then take your pet to the treatment area. The doctor will talk to you about the findings and recommended treatment. 

 5.       When coming here for an exam, please wait outside or in your car while your pet is being treated so that the lobby can remain accessible for clients who pick up medications etc.   

 We deeply apologize for any inconvenience or discomfort these new guidelines may cause. Rest assured this is all temporary and by doing our part, we will get through these trying times faster.

Handling Pet Emergencies Is What We Do Best

Accidents happen and they can affect everyone in your family, including your beloved pet. In the midst of panic, you may get disoriented and struggle to find anything that can help. If you’re a resident of Westminster, Seal Beach, or Huntington Beach seeking emergency medical attention for your pet, know that you can always go to the Amigo Animal Hospital. 

A Veterinarian Ready to Help in Any Emergency

The most important thing any emergency service provider can offer is availability and you’re getting that from our veterinarian in Westminster. Six out of the seven days of the week, you will find our medical personnel on standby, ready to provide the assistance your pet needs.

Upon arriving at the hospital, you can expect to receive assistance from at least one veterinarian and several other technicians. They can take over things from there and you can be sure that we will do everything we can to save your pet.

Prior to driving to the hospital, you can also call ahead to receive some immediate help. While we won’t be able to offer care over the phone, we can still help by telling you what you can do to keep your pet in the best possible condition as you make your way to our establishment.

Regardless of the severity of the emergency, please feel free to contact us and drop by the hospital. It is always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to the health of your pet and we can help with that.

Come to Us for Urgent Care

In some cases, emergency medical attention may not be required for your pet because his/her life is not hanging in the balance. Still, the medical problem presenting itself may not be one that cannot be left alone for any longer either.

Urgent care may be required in those scenarios and our veterinarian in Westminster offers that as well. Seeking urgent care allows your pet to receive treatment even if you did not set up an appointment prior to arriving at the hospital.

We can’t guarantee that your pet will be treated immediately, but we will try to fit him/her into our schedule as best we can. We will also inform you of how long it may take before your pet can be seen so that you make a decision to either stay or try another day.

Call Amigo Animal Hospital

Being able to see a veterinarian as soon as possible is absolutely crucial in some situations. You never know how a medical situation will unfold and it’s best to address it right away.

We understand how easy it is to give in to panic when your pet is having a medical emergency. Just know that the emergency is something you and your pet will get through. To all the residents of Westminster, Seal Beach, and Huntington Beach, do not hesitate to act on your pet’s emergency and visit us at Amigo Animal Hospital to get it properly treated.

Please sign-up using the form. To make an appointment call us at 714-894-5558.

Click HERE to Submit Form

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  • Cristal
    Cristal has never been far from one of her many furry friends. She has both cats and dogs and loves each and every one. You will find her bubbly personality can make you smile in both english and spanish. She is a wonderful and dedicated addition to our Amigo staff.

  • Kat, RVT
    Lead Technician

    Kat is one of our registered veterinary technicians. She has been with Amigo for 13 years and in the veterinary field for 45 years. She enjoys helping all creatures. She enjoys traveling, hiking, swimming and bike rides down at the beach

  • Maurice Garcia, Veterinary Assistant
    Veterinary Assistant
    Maurice has always loved animals and now is happy to work with them everyday. He is in charge of making sure everyone is warm, fed, and dry and snug in their beds at night. He forms a special bond with most of our patients and they love it when Maurice is there to take care of them.

  • Dr.
    Pamela McInroy
    Dr. McInroy is happy to treat your 'fur kids' at Amigo Animal Hospital. Although she is from Colorado she loves the sun and surf of Southern California.

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